AIRGO - [ 700-949 ] Comfort Plus XWD (Bariatric)

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AIRGO - Comfort Plus XWD (Bariatric)
Product Code [ 700-949 ]

- XWD: Extra-wide
- Dual Height Frame Technology.
- Ergo-form cushion-top handles.
- Ergo-Seat & Back with memory foam.
- Extra-large shopping basket.

The comfort of Comfort-plus™, in an extra-wide model!

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* XWD: Extra-wide frame and seating.
* Ergo-form handgrips fit more comfortably and place you hand at a natural angle for comfort and better brake access.
* Dual height frame technology. Standard height and hemi height in one frame! Fits people from 4’ 3” to 6’ 2”.
* Ergo-Seat and Ergo-Back with memory foam for enhanced comfort.
* Extra large, soft basket under the seat allows for more storage and doesn’t need to be removed when folding. And, it’s accessible under the seat and from behind the rollator.
* Easy-to-activate brakes.
* Locks in open position for added safety and in folded position for convenience.
* Comfort-grip™ non-marring wheels offer better grip on carpet; with solid mags for easy cleaning.
* Reflective trim for added visibility in the dark.
* The handgrips come with built-in reflectors for more safety in the dark.
* Tool-free set-up. * Net weight (without accessories): only 8 kg (17.8 lb)
* Patents 7066484, 2471692, 7828305, 2587989, 200710103964.9
* Maximum weight capacity: 400 lb (181 kg).
Overall Max Height:990mm
Overall Min Height:840mm
Overall Length:700mm
Overall Width:670mm
Seat Depth:
Seat Width:480mm
Seat Height:570mm
Castor Size:
Product Weight:8kg
Product Capacity:181kg

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